What will you teach your kid?

The new playground “Cow shed”

In this materialistic world, where Edutech is the next big thing with various online/offline based educational systems selling the ‘your kid can become the genius’ dream, which is unfortunately highly subscribed by the new age parents. I often wonder, if my kid is getting enough play time in the mud, know how to throw stones in the water, learn to put bait using an earthworm, feed a cow, spend time with goats, fly a kite, cycle to the nearby lake, and as parents we make a conscious effort not to get bogged down by the pressures this educational system puts on us, make him a coder, my daughter paints like Picasso, he is already into Mozart symphony. My mum wanted me to be an average kid and I am one. I did all of the above mentioned stuff that we strive for our kid to have, but it’s really a challenge not to give in. And I am happy that I served for my country in the armed forces and I got to do all those adventurous stuff I wanted to and it has educated me and made me a confident average guy.
As parents don’t give into the pressure, hold on, imagine your childhood, let these children have a normal happy childhood, and let them get educated through trial and adventure.

In to the Sea


COVID-19 has disrupted the entire economy of these fisherman, they are old to go to the sea by themselves and hence pulls the fishing net back which could give them the fishes to sell in the daily market. I photographed them two and a half years back however, I was unable to continuously document their life. The elder who I photographed around that time remembered me and asked if I had a copy of the photograph I made, which I showed him on my Instagram. He smiled at me and continued to pull the rope. He has lost weight and I made a mental note of making his portraits in the coming days.

Into the Sea