Theyyam (The Ritualistic Artform of Malabar, Kerala )

Summer is here and it’s beyond 30-degree Celsius and to top it, you have piles of burning wood becoming charcoal, this is the setting and we are entering into the temple premises where ritualistic Kerala art form called Theyyam is going to take place and the devotees are ever eager to watch their gods coming alive and performing for them. Due to the pandemic, the artists could not perform their rituals and now with rules being relaxed, they are back in accordance with the precautionary measures against covid-19 transmission.

I took this assignment for Theyyam_of_malabar an Instagram page, one of the premium pages which showcases the ritualistic artist form in its true glory. The page features images from several celebrated artists and is a resource center for someone who is interested in the art form. Wikipedia mentions Theyyam, as a popular ritual form of dance worship in Kerala which is a deep-rooted folk religion revered by millions.

The Featured Theyyam in this photo essay are Gulikan, Kuttichattan and Theechamundi.

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