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The Hornbill Fest 2017

The Hornbill Festival also known as the Festival of Festivals inception was in the year 2000 to showcase the culture of Nagaland and promote tourism of the State. Hornbill Festival is a 10 day long festival starting from 1st of Dec, the date in which Nagaland attained Statehood.

The various tribes in Nagaland celebrates several festivals year long and Hornbill brings to the world a preview in to the amazing colour and vibrance that these tribes have.20171207-DSC_1457

The Hottest Chilli
the warrior gets dressed
The weapon
ready for the hunt


The Pochury Warrior
The head Gear



7 responses to “The Hornbill Fest 2017”

  1. Abhishek Mishra Avatar
    Abhishek Mishra

    Simply superb sir…
    Amazing pictures

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  2. Great sir….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing Bhai
    Covered the hornbill festival very well
    Superb Bhai
    U r grt Bhai

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  4. Hi,
    photography is an art to freeze time… The ability to freeze time and emotions in a frame.
    And my frd Congrats you have done it and that too with excellence.


  5. Grt pics…. insightful


  6. Pretty good sir…pics are so alive. Great work


  7. Really awesome… like to see the festival soon possible …


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