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Protest March Organised at Kannur against Farm Bills

The biggest protest is unraveling at the borders of Delhi which India has ever seen in the recent past, about 500 farmer unions, and an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 farmers converged at the borders blocking the way to New Delhi. The President of India gave his assent to the bills on 27 Sep 2020 leading to a mass movement of farmers to the borders of Delhi, thus blocking the highways.

Megaphone being checked before the start of the protest
Banner in Display
Organiser documenting the protest
A placard asking to boycott Adani and Ambani
Farmers marching in Kannur
The traffic being diverted for the peaceful protest
Dilli Chalo
Farmers in Unison
Fingers raised against the corporates
Boycott the New East India Company says the placard
Portraits of Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji
Age does not deter people from raising their voices against injustices
Police accompanying the marching farmers
In solidarity to the Farmers protest

In support of the protesting farmers which feed the Indian Sub continent, a joint committee (which involved people from socio-political, environmental and human rights background ) was formed in Taliparamba to counter the corporates agenda and to support the protesting farmers. N Subramaniyan (Chairman) Adv Vinod Payyada (Convenor), P Muralidharan (Joint Convenor ) were some of the important functionaries of the committee among other important people. In addition to the protest march, a solo theatrical drama was also organised which the famous P T Manoj (Theatre artist ) enacted in front of the Reliance Store at Kannur.

6 responses to “Protest March Organised at Kannur against Farm Bills”

  1. Amezing mr. ARUN


  2. Stunning pics. Reminiscent of pics from our independence struggle .well done bro


  3. Amazing work sir !!


  4. Wonderful …eye opener


  5. No words needed only photos enough


  6. No words needed excellent work


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