Boatman of Kerala


Soman Chettan (elder brother in Malayalam language ) is the boatman in pic 


Soman Chettan rows his boat for the tourists and some locals who need to cross over 


Soman Chettan loves his beetle leaf and one can find him at the junction Enjoying his beetle leaf 


Soman Chettan has served his nation in the capacity of a soldier and is retd now 


Soman Chettan has a lot to tell about the place, backwater, day to day affairs 


At age 65, Soman Chettan can swiftly row the boat without a sweat in his brow 


Soman Chettan talks about people dumping plastics and how less aware they are about destroying the backwater eco system


He leads a retired life, takes his own time rowing in the backwaters 


The pole he carries is 24 ft in length and in an off season, the centre of the river bed is at 22ft


Soman Chettan says there is a definite change in the climate and the recent floods in kerala are the evidence 


Soman Chettan remembers a time when people listened and now all they get is angry (the people)


Rowing makes him patient 


Together we can keep our water body clean is what Soman Chettan says


Have you seen the backwaters yet ?


14 thoughts on “Boatman of Kerala

  1. Loved it sir. These pictures n the captions speak a thousand words. Well captured essence! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to next publish


  2. Hi Arun,
    I am Alwin and I have blog named “Edukaliloode” in which I write mainly stories and also some experiences. I was looking for a boatman image for my latest post and I found your photographs really impressive and apt for that. I am hereby asking you permission to use any of the above images in my post. Kindly please consider this request and let me know your decision.

    My blog :

    Thanks & regards

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