In the Waters…

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Before the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, this part of kerala was a thriving tourism business industry. Kumarakom known for its water bodies, belonged to the district, Kottayam and all the big resort players in the industry had a spot here. People invested heavily in houseboats ranging from 1 BHK to 4 or even more luxurious ones and now they all lie stranded like orphans in the inland waterways. Even though the state government have taken measures to keep them afloat, like renewing licences without any fees, these boatmen/ owners still have to pay up the interest of the loans they took for building these luxurious house boats. Now with covid-19 positive cases on the rise, the rest of the quarters for this year seems dull for the tourism industry in Kumarakom.

Tambola Series


Tambola is a game played in India whose US version is Bingo. It is essential for people to destress in todays highly competitive and technical world where we are always glued on to our mobiles and hooked on to internet. The images here showcases the spirit of playing together and helping each other de stress with occasional jokes cracked from people participating. A normal sunday morning in far away land.