The Catch


It took him some time to get out of the boat and bring the two fishes he caught to the shore. Things are not good as it used to be, the daily earnings are not sufficient to run a house of six, and this old age. The agony of the mundane life is forgotten only at sea and these days that’s also adding on rather than negating….

Deep into the sea is a long form documentary project aiming to document the stories of small scale fisherman.

The Catch – Deep into the Sea


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Dad at the Verandah

Looking outside into the future which seems distant beyond the eyes or the mind can register. 41 years being a doctor, he has never seen such a catastrophe unfolding, such loss of life, such tragedy but he believes that we can survive this too. Dad talks daily about Covid appropriate behaviour, even when we had a lull after the lockdowns had been lifted,after the first wave. He ensures that his grandkid learns properly to dispose off a mask before entering the house. He looks out from the verandah and minutely looks into each aspects that might protect us and ensures it’s adherence. 

Only if one is aware and follow the Covid appropriate behaviour, in letter and spirit then only we can survive. Just understand this you are not only responsible for you but rest of the humanity as well.