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Dad at the Verandah

Looking outside into the future which seems distant beyond the eyes or the mind can register. 41 years being a doctor, he has never seen such a catastrophe unfolding, such loss of life, such tragedy but he believes that we can survive this too. Dad talks daily about Covid appropriate behaviour, even when we had a lull after the lockdowns had been lifted,after the first wave. He ensures that his grandkid learns properly to dispose off a mask before entering the house. He looks out from the verandah and minutely looks into each aspects that might protect us and ensures it’s adherence. 

Only if one is aware and follow the Covid appropriate behaviour, in letter and spirit then only we can survive. Just understand this you are not only responsible for you but rest of the humanity as well.

2 responses to “Distant”

  1. Heera Karunakaran Avatar
    Heera Karunakaran

    Appropriate picture.True if people understood the Covid appropriate behaviour calamities could have been reduced.Yes there is hope, hopefully one time life experience for all living today.

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  2. Sure let’s hope for a near future of some sort of normalcy at the very least


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