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Travelling with a Camera

6 responses to “Covid-19 Photo Series (lockdown Issue)”

  1. You have great depth & an eye for detail. You deserve to be published & sold. You are too good

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    1. Thank you so much 😊
      Will definitely try a photobook someday


  2. The selection of frame and the the content of the same speaks volume of the intent and content of the photographer.Your pic is motionless but creates commotion in the minds of the viewer. Great collection and great narration.Bless you and wish to see more of your clicks.

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    1. Thank you sir
      You have always been kind and mesmerising at the same time with your words, will keep up and try to learn more about how I wanna tell a story. Your encouragement and timely constructive criticisms keep me grounded.
      Warm Regards
      PS: it’s been a while I saw ur writings, time to resume them I guess


  3. This photo series has shown us the emotions of every element on earth. The man made structures are lonely without their creators, the nature speaking out that it doesn’t need human for survival, a bunch of people at peace from their busy life while some others on constant thought as to whether being alive is important or to make a living to be alive is more important, flowers having the sense of freedom inhaling purest air, our eyes that wanna go out there and explore and moreover reminding us all that humans cannot survive without each other which was why they started living in groups from the ancient times. 1000 words, one visual. Wishing you all the best my dear brother love.

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    1. My dear sister that’s such a thought provoking and an apt write up to the images I have made. ❤️


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