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My Best Friend’s Daughter

I remember travelling to his marriage years back. Felt ages when i parked into his driveway after years. Me and ‘D’ (for the new readers thats my wife) with our son opened the gates to nostalgia. We became what we are today because of our friendship in college. We stood ground to the temptations of college life and emerged unscathed only because of our friendship. After leaving college we went our separate ways promising to meet often. Months changed into years and it took us 8 long years to meet again. When we finally met there were lil angels running all around and i managed to get one of them in my frame. Posting her pic todayDSC_3513

4 responses to “My Best Friend’s Daughter”

  1. True friends

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  2. bheartstealer Avatar


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    1. Thank you bheartstealer

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  3. Cute and true friendship ..🙂

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